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Welcome! This is my place made for you. Watch, search and enjoy the treasury in videos of my brides and grooms.

As a videographer, my job is to make shots from your wedding a lasting ticket to your memories. And your „job“ is to be relaxed, spontaneous and cheerful. I assure you that this is win – win combination.

You, as a main character of the story with me who collects all your uniqueness and joy in one day, become not only my collaborators but also my friends. And that makes me very happy. I appreciate when we understand each other, when you believe that I will convey your story in most authentic way. I am inspired by your personality and your desires so I adore your suggestions, new and unusual ideas. I love to hear your thoughts.

In addition to all editing options that videography offers, I prefer most spontaneous moments with your friends and familly. So much joy and excitement, so much love, kisses, hugs and tears of joy, all that in one place. So many important and proud views intertwine in my shots. I know that you like it too because I see sincere enthusiasm on your faces, feel it in your messages. I see gratitude for all precious moments which have been recorded and preserved forever and to which you will always be able to return.

If you decide, I will be at your service to spend your wedding day together.



Fruska gora with its surroundings, beautiful wineries and farms really evokes romance and it was our choice for the first joint shots that will be a memory of our wedding.

We chose Nikola to be our companion on that journey and wanted him to record with his camera the moments we wanted to remember forever.

We are grateful to him for the pleasant company, for fulfiling all our wishes, but also for the ideas that made our filming time even easier and more beautiful. It was really a pleasure to be with him in such enviroment and create memories for a life time.

Darija i Vladimir

All the small and big things that happen in life are celebrated on Kalemegdan. That’s how we, in agreement with Nikola, on this mighty fortress made small, but great memories for us.

Belgrade awaited us with beautiful weather and curious passers-by. And yet, while Nikola was recording everything with his camera, it seemed that we were the only ones in the world. The enjoyment was greater because we were relaxed and indulged and we knew that happiness is magnified through Nikola’s camera lens, so together we created shots that exude happines, peace and love.

Marija i Nikola

Nikola is truly an artist! He tried to make a magic from every moment during our shooting day at Petrovaradin fortress.

The fortress itself is full of places for romantic shots and we took advantage of that. Our recordings were created spontaneously and casually which makes this day even more beautiful and unrepeatable for us.

Nikola is not only cameraman, but also our personal creator of memories. He is there to record the right moment at right time and make it perfect. Nikola made us feel like the main stars of a movie in that one day. Thanks to him, it is our movie that we will be happy to watch year after year.

Nikolina i Saša

There is something in that plain of Vojvodina that gave us peace while we were making our first photos and videos. The euphoria that surrounded preparations for the wedding day seemed to slow down and it was like we were the only people in the world. Well, us and our Nikola, who recorded with his camera all our hopes, wishes and plans for our future together. All that can be seen an felt trough camera, believe me. In a smile, a touch, a look. We didn’t spare our emotions , and even if we wanted to, we couldn’t hide them. And Nikola faithfully and patiently captured every moment and detail. We are grateful for such a permanent picture book of memories.

Ranka i Uroš


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